About Us

O’Neill Power Systems is a development-stage company that has leveraged its patented, cam-driven helicopter engine technology toward eventual applications for the military, domestic security, and civilian markets. The revolutionary coaxial counter-rotational unitized power system, called The NorEaster, is designed as a light-weight engine for unmanned rotorcraft with total lift capacity (airframe plus payload) of four-hundred pounds.

A major advantage of the NorEaster cam engine is its simultaneous counter-rotating output. This eliminates the need for a tail rotor and its associated shaft, gearing, and airframe structure, constituting a significant weight savings as well as a reduction in complexity and overall vehicle size. Another advantage is that having multiple lobes on the cam provides an inherent gear reduction ratio between piston speed and output shaft rotational speed. The engine is essentially an integrated power source and a speed reduction unit. It does not need an external gearbox.

O’Neill Power Systems’ NorEaster will be configured as a multi-fuel (gasoline, biofuel and diesel) engine and will therefore fill a crucial niche in both non-military and military markets, allowing for the deployment of unmanned rotocraft in a light-weight class that has not been economically or technically feasible to date.

We at O’Neill Power Systems are tremendously excited by the scope of immediate and future uses for our NorEaster technology.

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